How to load a custom weapon via iTunes:Edit

  • Step 1) On your computer, download the mod weapons that you want to put into GunApp
  • Step 2) Open iTunes, and click on your iPod
  • Step 3) Click on the 'apps' tab
  • Step 4) Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Step 5) Click on GunApp
  • Step 6) Drag all the .zip files of the weapons you wanted into the section on the right
  • Step 7) RESTART GUNAPP and ENJOY the mod weapons!!  :D

Here is another tutorial on youtube: 
How to load GunApp mod weapons02:23

How to load GunApp mod weapons


NOTE: there is no known way to install mod weapons only from your device. You have to connect your device to your computer. From your PC, you drop the mod weapons into GunApp using iTunes.

Download mod weapons HERE .

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