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GunApp is a weapon simulator for iPhone.

(Android version is in development)

The goal of GunApp is to allow you to turn your mobile device into any weapon imaginable! (from pistols to automatic weapons to nuclear weapons to nunchucks and of course we are always working on more)

The updates never stop!

If you want to learn how to make your own weapons, have a look at the modding pages :D





"Critics say: awesome weapon for every occasion! -Keshin4539"

Features: - 100+ highly detailed animated Guns/Weapons ranging from M16's to Nuclear Weapons! - Detailed Descriptions of each Gun/Weapon. Read all about your favorite gun in amazing detail straight from Wikepedia. - Twitter Support! Tweet to your friends about the Gun you are shooting.

The updates never stop!

Check it out at


Send Your Weapon Ideas:


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